Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The PAWS That Refreshes - PR for a Good Cause

     Since I've had some free time on my hands lately I've been volunteering at a local animal shelter called PAWS.  Trina has been working there too- taking pictures and posting them on the shelter's web site.  As you can see I've included some of Trina's photos.   It's amazing how many cats and dogs need homes.  We have dozens and dozens of animals in cages and hundreds more are on a waiting list to get in.  I never thought I'd want to adopt an older pet- but most of these dogs and cats are just wonderful.  I can't imagine how they ended up here- they are gorgeous, affectionate and fun.  I guess the recession has something to do with it- And of course there are plenty of people who throw away pets when they get tired of them.  I'd take them all if I could- the pets I mean.  Fortunately, this is a no-kill shelter.  I can't imagine how anyone works in a shelter where they routinely euthanize the pets.  Can't be a very good feeling for the animals either.
     PAWS never has enough money or enough volunteers- but they manage to do impressive work.  I've been walking dogs and mowing the lawn- Last weekend I chaperoned a group of nine college freshmen who stopped by to do some community service work.  We always hope they'll become regular volunteers- and some do.  But I think most of them come hoping it's a good way to meet people of the opposite sex.
      Lately I've been working on a PR campaign to promote a big cat adoption event.    After 30 years, they've found homes for 5,000 cats and who knows how many dogs.  This kind of PR is harder than I thought it would be.  We're holding a tailgate party because football is a big deal in our area.  Penn State's stadium is just down the street.  Finding sponsors is a battle.  You have to get lots of people to sign off on advertising, flyers and press releases.  I was hoping to sign up a local radio station to do a live shot but their on-air people aren't available.

   I was hoping to raffle off a pair of tickets to a PSU game- but I can't find anyone willing to donate seats.  I can't even get coach Paterno to sign a football so we could give it away.  And we still have to find donors willing to pay for the tailgate supplies.  At least we already have a couple of grills.  It's all kind of a hassle.  One thing for sure- you couldn't pay me to do this kind of work.

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