Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man Suffers "Shooting" Pains- Now Hangover Cured!

Here's today's strange bit of news: A man in Germany is finally over a nasty hangover- one that had its genesis in a drinking binge that happened five years.  It all began on New Year's Eve in 2005.  Robert Chojecki was reportedly drunk and partying out on the streets when he suddenly felt a sharp blow to the head.  But it wasn't until recently that Chojecki had his head examined.  An X-ray revealed a 22 caliber bullet lodged in the back of the 35-year-old man's skull.  Apparently, Chojecki was struck by a stray bullet.  According to the AP Chojecki suspected something was wrong when he started having headaches last year.  Doctor's have removed the slug.  And they say Chojecki should be feeling better now.  They do not say WHAT this guy was drinking.  There could be a demand for booze that strong.  Is a beverage maker missing out on a marketing opportunity?

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