Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Sure Aint Old School

     Today, the weather turned cooler for the first time since last May.  And that can only mean one thing- NO not football.  Okay, it can only mean two things.  Football and Back To School.  We live in a college town and you can tell the University is back in session.  The place is overrun with students who look like they've just crawled out of bed- even though it's mid-afternoon.  And of course, a rising tide of  broken beer bottles is filling the gutters.

   I know a lot of public school teachers who're already back in the classroom.  They're getting ready to welcome back hordes of juice-box-toting elementary kids- or in the higher grades, gun-toting teens.

Mom always took pictures of us before we left for the 1st day of school.  Some of my back-to-school outfits were pretty comical.  I especially love the pants with 3-inch stripes I wore as I entered the 6th grade.  I think I also wore a brown leather vest with fringe that hung down to my butt.  (that was during the counter-culture 60's)

Compared to when I was growing up, little kids these days already seem so grown up.  They might be in the 1st grade, but they have their own cell phones, computers & TV sets in their bedrooms.  They twitter!  News flash: I wonder if kids get twitters like the one that just now popped up on my computer: "Lady Gaga Reigns Supreme On Twitter Over Britney Spears."  Thank the Lord!

When I was going into the 1st grade, I was totally clueless.  Okay, so I'm still clueless.  But back then it was even worse.  Right before 1st grade started my family moved across town.  On the first day of school Mom took me to class and dropped me off.  It was tough.  We immediately started learning to read.  These days you have to know how to read to get into preschool.  Did you see that most college freshman this year do NOT even KNOW how to write in cursive?  Anyway, after the grueling first day of 1st grade, I walked out the door and suddenly realized I didn't know where I lived.  So, I sat down on the curb and waited.  And waited and waited.  Eventually, Mom came and got me.  She figured out her clueless boy was hopelessly lost.  If I were in 1st grade today, I would have GPS on my smartphone.  Of course, knowing me, I still wouldn't know my address...

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