Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Name Game

We have a new pet project ready to unveil here at Bauer Marketing.  But we're stuck for a name.  I've heard that some companies use computer algorithms to manufacture designer names- Just think Accura, Acela, and Barack Obama.  We could use a good brand name generator these days.

The right brand name can propel your product to amazing heights- think Coke, Apple, The Beatles.
The wrong brand name can be disastrous- think "New" Coke, The Flamin Groovies (yes, apparently the name of a real rock band) and the Edsel.

So what's the best way to brand your brand?  How do you stick a name on it that will captivate the public and give everyone the warm fuzzies?  Do people sit in a room and brainstorm?  Do they run a contest- Name our Thing and we'll send you to the Super Bowl?  Yes, Super Bowl is a brand name and yes it is two words- not one.

This isn't a rhetorical exercise.  We're looking for feedback here- or maybe just some Groovie Flamin Karma.  My working assumption is that you have to look at your brand's best features- and find a name that somehow describes those terrific attributes.  In this case, people who we think would like our new product want something that's beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving, and loyal.  It also has four legs and a cold furry nose.

Yes, we're struggling to name our new puppy.  We've been through all the doggie name books and doggie name web sites.  Here are some actual doggie name suggestions:

SABBATH, SALAMANDER. SAND RAT, SASHIMI, SASQUATCH, SCHWARZKOPF, SHAMU, SITTING BULL, SQUID, SYNERGY- and those are just some of the "S" names.  Did I mention that these are for DOGS?

Here's an idea- Name our puppy and we (might or might not) send you to the Super Bowl!

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