Thursday, November 19, 2009

DayThree: The Big Muddy

Day three begins with your intrepid adventurers shrouded in thick fog. But zero visibility won’t sidetrack our daring cross-country sojourn.
We gassed up the SS Bauer, turned west, and hit the gas. Within an hour we crossed the Mighty Mississippi River. And as we celebrated our triumph the sun broke through the misty shroud, as if to say, “fearless road warriors, get a life…”
Now in Iowa, we stopped at the welcome center and asked the woman there to recommend a “scenic drive”. She sent us northward to follow the track of this colossal waterway.
Heading up route 67 we celebrated a new triumph. I gassed up the RV and did NOT lose the gas cap. Once again, we witness amazing sights. Corn. Then soybeans. More corn.
If you like corn and soybeans it’s an amazingly scenic drive. For us, not so much. Around 7:00pm we re-cross the Mississippi, heading into the Wisconsin frontier. We stopped for the night at a campground in Prarie Du Chien. That’s French for “I think a dog did his business here”. Get this, the manager opened the office so that I could watch some of the Ohio State- USC football game. How cool is that? The campground was right on the river. But since it was already getting dark, it didn’t really matter. While I was in the office I saw a bunch of “Tea Party” leaflets on the tables. Apparently, the people here don’t think much of President Obama’s push for health care reform. I especially enjoyed the placard that said, “Are you stupid or just a liberal?” Well, at least they let me watch some football…
I can’t help but notice the billboards along the highway in this area. Quite a few signs carry anti-abortion messages. But then, I saw a bunch of Adult Entertainment ads too. I liked one for Family Massage: Open until 3:00am.
Tomorrow: OMG!! It sounded like a freight train…
Mission Mileage: 1,010

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