Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Four: Barreling Down the Mississippi

It sounded like a thousand thunderclaps as we bolted from our bed. We felt the ground heaving as the camper rolled from side to side. An explosion? An earthquake? A flash flood cascading down the Mississippi River?

No. Our campsite is about 60 yards from a very active railroad line. The camp manager forgot to mention that freight trains rumble past about every 10 minutes. And they blow their horns- very loudly. At least the frequency dropped off around 2:30am and we managed to get some sleep.

When we left camp we couldn’t even see the river because it was so foggy. We headed north, the road hugging the shoreline. The sun broke through and it turned into a brilliantly sunny day, with temperatures around 85. I missed my tiny desk back at my old office. Not so much… Fishing and hunting is a big deal in this area. Every restaurant and office features some stuffed dear heads and mounted trophy fish. So we had to stop and have our photo taken, posing with a giant 12-foot long fish. I’m guessing it was a crappy.

We enjoyed the drive- some farms, some panoramic views of the river. It was late afternoon when we crossed into Minnesota. Trina pulled her first shift behind the wheel of the SS Bauer. She’s already a pro at RV Piloting! We drove another 75 miles before pulling into a campground in Sauk Center. It’s on a beautiful lake. (not surprising in the land of 10,000 lakes) But wouldn’t you know it; our campsite is crammed between the maintenance shed and the highway. So we can look forward to a night filled with tractor-trailers rumbling past. At least all the trains have left the station.

Mission Mileage: 1,348

Tomorrow: 7 Lakes down, only 9,993 to go.

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