Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Construction Craze

A few timely thoughts to keep our streets safe.  I know I’ll get in trouble for even thinking this: but perhaps it’s time for congress to enact controls on dangerous weapons.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m talking about high-powered construction equipment.  Already this week, we’ve seen two terrifying attacks perpetrated by the big guns of the construction world.

In upstate New York, an enraged husband uses a backhoe to maul two dozen cars- causing some $40,000 in damage. The Associated Press says Michael Fagner did this because his wife was having an affair.  I hate to think what he’d do if she, oh, I don’t know, wrecked the car?  (In an ironic twist, those damaged cars were actually supposed to be used in a demolition derby.)

Another domestic dispute case explodes in the Midwest.  Facing foreclosure, an Ohio man blasts his own home back to the Stone Age.  Terry Hoskins allegedly used a bulldozer to knock down his $350,000 house.  Hoskins says he’s spent a fortune on attorney’s fees and he’s had enough.  Apparently he’s had enough of a nice place to stay.

It’s also apparent that we need tougher restrictions on construction equipment- before they crush us all.  Oh sure, the other side will tell you they have a right to own construction equipment- that they NEED those fearsome machines to build homes, schools and hospitals.  Balderdash!   Forget about assault rifles, this is the really dangerous stuff.  I say there should be a waiting period before anyone’s allowed to buy a bulldozer.  You should only be allowed to purchase one 900 horse powered earthmoving machine per month. And considering what’s happened lately, a psychological test might not be a bad idea either.

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