Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape Goes Viral

     Forget about Friends.  Jennifer Aniston is getting noticed for her performance in an entirely different arena.  Not surprisingly, the racy title is not entirely accurate.  Jennifer's sex tape is less about sex than it is about going viral.

    You might have noticed that Aniston is the face of a marketing campaign for smartwater- a company that sells upscale bottled water.  On its web site smartwater proclaims itself, and I quote, "the water with all the answers... a zero calorie, vapor distilled, electrolyte-enhanced water."  (So you know it's good!).

     The JAST (Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape) was made with one singular mission- to go viral.  I'm not sure that I believe it myself, but YouTube says JAST has pulled a staggering 5,053,172 views since it was posted on March 7th.

     How, you may ask, did smartwater attract so much attention?  Here's the recipe.  Take one bottle of water, add one attractive and irreverent pitchwoman, and then make fun of all the viral videos you've seen in the past.  As I mentioned, it's all done with the brazen intention of going viral.  There are puppies, (lots and lots of puppies) dancing babies, dirty dancing (don't ask), and notably, Jennifer Aniston kicking a man in the crotch. The actual video appears below.

  And now you know why this really is called The Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape.  JAST has already been written up in the New York Daily News, Huffingtonpost, CBS News, etc. etc., and almost every on-line piece includes a link to the video (see above).  It would seem that smartwater is the toast of the viral town.

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