Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Another Year Shot to Heck!

Christmas 2010
2010, The Year That Was… 

Its time to bid 2010
Adios, so-long, bye-bye
Some say it was just rotten
A year that’s gone awry

Health care laws get re-hashed
Foreclosure leaves us bleak
Lady Gaga’s unsurpassed
And Twitter’s at its peak

Trillion dollar deficits
Hit obscenely new sky highs
Our living standard is the pits
We have to roll our eyes

In Afghanistan the battles rage
At peace can we excel?
It’s really hard to disengage
Don’t ask, and please don’t tell

The jobless rate is much too high
It’s stuck near 10 percent
Optimism’s in short supply
Sarah Palin for president?

Global warming, I feel a chill
Melting glaciers in retreat
Our pensions sliding down the hill
North Korea’s bringing heat

Despite the woes we surely face
There’s still one thing to Love
We’ll all survive if we embrace
The higher power Above

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