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Mel Gibson and other NewsMakers -OR- How to get Media Attention

     Nope.  This isn't about Mel Gibson.  I just wanted to grab your attention.  That's because this post IS about getting noticed.  Here are some random news stories that have captured media attention in recent years.   Some are silly.  Some are stupid.  All are somewhat entertaining.  And all of them appeared on TV and/or in newspapers.

Dateline Bloemfontein, South Africa:

     Charlie the Chimp has died.  Charlie was world famous for smoking cigarettes tossed into his cage by zoo visitors.  Charlie, believed to be 52 years old, will be stuffed and placed back on display.  What a drag...

Dateline Raleigh, NC: 

     A man robs a gas station and then tries to carjack a woman at a nearby supermarket.  A witness/shopper attacks the robber/carjacker with a frozen turkey.  The suspect is hospitalized with head injuries and a bruised wishbone....

Dateline Sparta, WI: 

     Two young men install flashing lights on their car and begin making phony traffic stops.  They also videotape the pranks and post the footage on YouTube.  One of them can be heard on tape saying, "This **** never gets old".  The two suspects are charged with impersonating police officers and DWI (Dim Witted Idiocy)

Dateline Bloomington, IL: 

     Just in time for the holidays.  Workers at the Miller Park Zoo make Christmas ornaments from the droppings of the zoo's two Reindeer.  The droppings are dried and either painted or rolled in glitter.  Very Glam!  Note to self: Never let a good marketing idea go to "Waste".


Dateline Hokkaido, Japan:

     Puzzled keepers at Kushiro Municipal Zoo couldn't figure out why a pair of polar bears refused to mate. After several months without any romantic "chemistry" a medical procedure determines that both bears are female.  Polar Bears have their share of troubles these days but Gobal Warming isn't always one of them.

     The common thread (or threat) is that all of these stories garnered media attention.  And you can too.  Outlandish and unusual will get you on TV.  Just make sure you're drawing attention to your product in a good way.  In other words, DON'T become the butt of the joke- insert Mel Gibson comment here.

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